Instagram Sunday #30

Instagram Sunday

Days went by as always… although I was not in my best condition last week. I’ve been eating drastically while I tried squeezing out some ideas out of my brain. Like I promise no selfie this time hehe but no crafts either. I really hope I’ll finish all my deadlines so I can concentrate on some things.

{1} I normally order cappuccino in Yellow Hauz but for a change, I ordered latte. And my barista surprised me with a dog latte art.

{2} I’m a kombi collector. Wishing I can buy one soon. Then one night I’ve dreamt about it, well not actually just about the kombi or something like that.

{3}  Was making some new sketch in my journal then I saw this one. Those were the ideas I drew for the mother’s day craft workshop. Speaking of that, I haven’t post that yet.

{4}  Nothing much to say here except for the nice design of the coaster.

Today is not my usual Sunday, I’m a bit anxious for some reason. But I hope everyone’s having a great day.


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