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Thank you to those who took the time and joined my anniversary giveaway. I’m also grateful for all the kind and warm greetings I got via Facebook and Twitter. I am really really thankful for all your support.

I was supposed to make a short post about how I started but I was really caught up with a certain project, so I might have to delay that one… As a matter of fact, it was just last Wednesday when we celebrated. Since we were only 3 in the studio, that’s me, Karen and Shiela, our trustee assistant, we invited Sandy, my mama and cousin Christine to celebrate with us in SNR.

And we got a winner. We did it the old fashion way {or a.k.a. I don’t know how to use the rappler app, lol} -manual draw lots with handwritten names and with the help of the pouch I bought from Lorra. My partner/cousin, Karen drew the winner and Sandy, my sister as the DTI representative, haha. Yes, we’re crazy like that.

Without further ado… drum roll please… Congratulations Marybeth! Thank you so much for joining my giveaway… please expect an email from me anytime today. 
I can’t thank everyone enough for all the support and love I received for the past 4 years. I’m wishing for more years of fun and crafty projects. Cheers everyone!


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