Instagram Sunday #25

Instagram Sunday

Hello first sunday of June. Can you imagine it’s already half of the year? I can’t! So many things to do yet so little time. Do you agree?

{1} I did a DIY notebook for Lieu Magazine using rubber stamps, doily, and bond papers.

{2} I used Yellow Hauz‘s VIP room as my workspace this week with 2 shots of espresso for my cappuccino. Been very sleepy and tired last week.

{3} I grabbed an old dress from my sister’s closet and found a Sookie inspired style.

{4} A friend asked me to wrap her gift for her niece which she also bought in the store. I used blue crepe/tissue paper, added the paper flower on the tip of the pen and a yarn.

Enjoy the rest of the day and hope the month of June will bring good things.


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