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Few months ago, I’ve been seeing photos of Aidx Paredes through my friend Mimi, who owns Soul Lifestyle. He’s doing the window display and graphics for Soul. Got intrigued with this young boy’s creativity, so I followed his IG and blog.

Then weeks after that, I met Aidx Paredes and Chi Narciso in person as they came to visit in the studio. Didn’t know they were the creative brains behind the online magazine I’ve been seeing around called Lieu. And I was thrilled to hear that they wanted to include me on the 3rd issue. I saw their past issues and I love how they showcase Davao’s artists, music, food and events.

We chatted one saturday morning. As always, I had a hard time finding words to answer the questions for the magazine, haha. My biggest dilemma-words! But I was really amazed how these two were still so young yet so talented and bold. How I wish I was like them when I was younger.

The cover was Jad Montenegro, a very talented Davao musician. You should definitely check her site and listen to her songs.

Seriously, I’m really happy to know more people of the same interests here in Davao. Moreover, this feature makes me feel like I’m a legit artist, hehe but still I’m 50 percent crafter, lol.

(Photos courtesy of Lieu, except the instagram photo)


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  1. Nice one! My visit to your studio/shop is waaaaay overdue. I’ll drop by soonest, I’m in need of a, uhm… Happy Place right now. 🙂

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