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Hello… I’m still here… and I know, I have not been blogging again… and I can’t believe it’s almost end of the month already. Can somebody please delay the time… there’s so many deadlines I have to meet and I have so many things to do.

Anyway, as much as I want to delay the time, I’m also quite excited for this coming weekend and for August to come. First of… Graphika Manila is here again. That’s why I’m excited for this weekend, because I’ll be attending it… definitely wouldn’t miss it at all. Secondly, this end of August, my family will be going back to Taiwan for another family vacation. That I’m really really excited about. I can’t wait for the never-ending Milk Tea and all those cute nonsense stuff you find in a very cheap price.

I took this photo in Taiwan.

Anyway, I also had a dilemma with my new site few days back. So, I can’t figure out how to customize it and make the changes I wanted. The site template I wanted, doesn’t have a sidebar for a blog post. But very nice for a website. So I’ve been contemplating, {I’m really using that term, because it’s really making me crazy. So I reflected about it, haha}, what do I really want? I listed down and check the sites/blogs I love reading and compared what I like.

These are the things I considered… I do want my own site, where I can have a gallery of my designs and a shopping cart for my paper line, Artisan Paperie. On the otherhand, I also want my blog to be my main page, but with more plug-ins in case I want to expand. Gladly and thankfully with my favorite blogs, they really give a great insight for me, hihi. They have their own site and a separate blog site but connected to each other.

Here are my final urls: www.designsofartisan.com is my website. But I made another url for my blog which is www.designsofartisanblog.com which is still connected with my site. Thank you oh hello friend for the inspiration for this.

Again, I’m totally sorry if you find any glitches on both sites. They are still under maintenance by me, and I’m still trying to figure out how to customized the design. But nonetheless, I’ll start posting again now… =)


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