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As I’ve said from my post about Wedding Motif, you can go away with wedding themes. Whenever I asked my bride clients what’s their wedding theme, some would normally say they don’t have one. Even I wouldn’t probably have one either.

 However, this can definitely add some drama to your special day. Even so, choosing your wedding theme is not easy. That’s why couples opt not to have one instead. This is also to simplify the preparation. However, we can actually find little ways to make the planning uncomplicated.

 Here are the keynotes on how to decide in choosing your wedding theme:

 Find your personalities or what you both love.  

— Some couples correlate their theme according to their personalities. This is one thing you can consider so you won’t have to over-think at all. Let’s say, both of you loves to travel, or you wanted to travel the whole world together someday, a travel theme is definitely ideal for you.

— You can also use an event from your relationship that meant something for both of you. Maybe you met on a beach. Then, why not have a beach wedding, right?

— If you have decided from this keynote, themes based from your personalities are commonly used. But nonetheless, this is your special day, regardless it’s common or uncommon themes, it is still special for you. I’ll give few examples of the themes based on your personalities or what you love:


Photo from unknown source {please notify me if this is yours}

Beach / Sunset or Sunrise

Photo from Green Wedding Shoes

 Garden / Zen

Photo from Brooklyn Bride

 • Add a little spice.

— On the other side, couples tend to choose an outrageous or out of the blue themes. But somehow, it has nothing to do with their personalities. And this is a one way ticket for them to try something different. Although, it may have something to do with the couple but these themes are quite unusual.

 Old Hollywood

Photo from Project Wedding

Medieval/ Victorian

Photo unknown link {please notify me if this is yours}

 Las Vegas

Photo from Beauty and the Groom

Cultural {Arabian}

Photo from Rosie Parsons via Bellenza


Photo from Little White Book

 Season {Autumn}

Photo from 100 Layer Cake


Photo from Wedding Rumors

• Use the familiar.

— Oftentimes, couples used the familiar things we saw in our everyday life. This is actually easy and cost effective since technically, we don’t need to exaggerate the preparation.


Photo from Pacific Weddings


Photo from Good Wedding Invitation

 • Your motif can be your theme.

— We sometimes confuse ourselves with a lot of things. Instead of still thinking about your theme, you neglect that you can use your motif as your theme as well. Using colors can also make your life easier. Let’s say, you really couldn’t decide which theme suits you best. Or otherwise, you don’t want to have a theme. Then simply use your color scheme.

Black and White

Photo Artisan Design Studio and Miss Vanilla

Red and Aqua

Photo from Wedding Paper Divas

Shade of any color {Green}

Photo from Bridal Cookie

 I hope by now, I was able to help you decide on what theme to use for your wedding. Or at least by giving you these keynotes, it made you decide not to have one instead. Honestly, wedding themes are not for everyone. By eliminating what you don’t like is a good practice to know what you truly want to have. Sometimes, sad as it may be, it’s easier for us to point out our dislikes. But on the contrary, through this, our ideas may become clear.

 As I may suggest, before you start buying the materials or anything for the preparation, focus on what you have decided. Along the way, other themes may definitely distract and tempt you on buying the unnecessary things. Having a focus for your day will definitely keep you from over spending.


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