Illustrations in Music Videos


I always have a thing with illustrations. Maybe because I wanted to be an illustrator but my training ground didn’t start there. That’s why I try my best to practice it as often as I can and I’m hoping one day I’ll learn how to make it move.

That’s why there’s these music videos that really caught my eyes and I watched them once in awhile to rekindle my dream of making beautiful illustrations move.

When I saw this pretty lady, Diana VickersThe Boy Who Murdered Love, I couldn’t help myself staring at the screen and got amazed with the cute illustrations.

Another one is from Lenka. Oh how I always love her album covers and most of her music videos. She and her husband are both illustrators so I guess that’s a great combination that truly shows in her music. The Trouble With A Friend is quite on a dark feel but still, the illustrations were really cool.

Her other music video, We Will Not Grow combines stop motion and a paper that made it so fun.

I know later the videos may caused you last song syndrome, hehe sorry for that. But at least you enjoyed the video right? Do you know other music videos that has the same style? Please drop me a comment below and I would love to watch it and share it with others too.


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