Basic Photoshop Workshop at Yellow Hauz

Crafting + Workshop

I’m sorry friends, my first post was photography, it should be Basic Photoshop.


Aside from the craft workshop going on in Yellow Hauz, we also have a basic Photoshop Workshop in line for you this month.

This one is organized by Ria Jose and Andrew dela Serna will conduct the workshop. He will tackle basic photoshop specifically for bloggers. So if you’re starting a blog or you already have one, and you want to improve your skills in photoshop then this is the best time.

The workshop will be in Yellow Hauz and it’s going to be on February 22, 2014, Saturday around 2:00 p.m. The registration fee is only P150. All you need to bring is your laptop with Adobe Photoshop installed or a free trial here. Feel free to contact Ria for inquiries or other concerns.


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