How To Make Carnation Paper Flower


If you’ve been following my blog, you’d probably recall I did few Paper Flower Workshops in the previous years. It was one of my favourite workshops I made because I believe, I was the only one doing it at that time. It was also great because it was my first time to do a workshop in Manila which was nerve-wracking and very much worth the experience.

You see, I started this love for paper flowers the moment I discovered them 7 years ago because I cannot grow any plant at all. Yup! I’m a plant killer. Then when I found a way to make them without watering and simply nurturing them, it really made me hopeful.

Anyway, I stopped making paper flowers since then but it was rekindled last February as I was preparing few bouquets for Valentine’s Day.

And since I always like sharing my process, I have tutorial video of one of the simplest paper flower I like making on my YouTube channel: April San Pedro.

Materials for Carnation Paper Flower

Crepe Paper, Floral Wire, Floral Tape, Scissors, Glue

And here’s how you’ll make it.

Although, this was meant for Valentine’s craft, I think this is also perfect for Mother’s Day. So, just in case you’re still looking for something you can give to your Mama, you’ll have plenty of time to make these Carnation paper flowers.


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