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Last weekend, we joined an early Christmas Bazaar at Marco Polo Davao. Oh how I miss White Christmas Bazaar. Unfortunately, we won’t be organizing a christmas bazaar this year, but hopefully next time again.

Anyway, we launched our handmade jewelry Blanchette, then I had my very first gondola shelf made by Cubepixels {thank you Ray for accommodating my very rush order, hehe}. I decided to have a gondola shelf, so I can showcase my paper goods well. And I think it was a good decision.

That’s me and my sister Sandy on the photo by the way. Supposedly, we’re with our cousin Karen, who’s also a part of the handmade jewelry, but I totally forgot to take a photo with the three of us {super sorry dear cuz, hehe}.

It was a fun experience for us, I got to meet new people who’s also part of the bazaar. I met Alex {she’s selling Aquazorb towels} who told me that she and her daughter loved my blog. Ooooh I was sooo happy to hear that. {I didn’t get to meet her daughter, but if you’re reading this – hello there sweetie!}.

p.s. Christmas Handmade Craft badge/button is at the upper right side of my blog. In case you need a handy dandy craft ideas for the holidays, just clicked that photo and there are few projects and printables you can use.


2 thoughts on “Early Christmas Bazaar”

  1. Hi April!

    I FINALLY finished the BYW course this morning and heard the sweet shout-out that Holly gave you. Congratulations!! I’m so impressed with your involvement in class. I know we all got a lot out of it but I’m sure you came home with so much more!

    Congrats on your jewelry line as well. They look like they would make beautiful Christmas gifts!

    1. Hello Hilary… thanks for the greeting… my smile was upto my ears as I heard and read it… I read and watched the video all over again.. hahaha crazy right? But was totally happy…

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