DIY: Printable Christmas Gift List 2014


Once again, it’s the time of the year when you have to sit and jot down your christmas gift lists. This is best with hot chocolate or in my case, a cup of latté on the side to make my brain work and not to forget anyone…

If you’re like me, who needs to list down every thing from errands to whatever I have to write in a planner, then this printable christmas gift list will be quite handy to you. Unless you have a super memory to rely on of course.

This may be quite late now, since bazaars, or midnight sales have already started. But I figure out, we still got a lot of clients who wanted custom gift cards and tags. So maybe, just maybe, I’m not the only one who has not completed my christmas gift list yet.All you have to do is download the printable Christmas gift list 2014 on a legal paper. I’m using Epson inkjet printerThe christmas gift list printable is made of two sets. So you need to cut it in the middle.And you’re all set to write down that list… All you need is your trustee ballpen, calculator maybe if you want to make that budget and don’t forget the cup of tea, hot chocolate or coffee. I tell you, that drink will make it easier for you to sip all the costs.Print as many as you can. I’m sure you’ll need more than one print. And that’s good because that’s how generous you are…

Download the Printable Christmas Gift List

If you we’re able to print this, I would love to see your photos with it. Do tag me at instagram: @iam_artisan I also did a calligraphy style last year. Let’s share being a little OC when it comes to making lists. So I hope you can share this with your friends and family too.


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