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Just few days ago, my sister congratulated me through text that I was nominated for Davao Blog Awards. Right then and there, I went to check out facebook and couldn’t believe it. Seriously, it really made my day. When I found out I was nominated, I just couldn’t stop smiling. Moreover, it belonged in the Blogger of the Year category.

When I saw the nominees, I really thought, I wouldn’t get any chance. I mean, these other bloggers have been blogging long time before me and they really take blogging seriously. It’s not that I don’t take mine seriously, but for me, I do this because it’s my creative outlet. And I never would have thought I’d get this far. Plus, it’s Blogger of the Year? Wow! That’s no joke! As it says that it’s an award given to the Blogger who had the biggest impact to the Davao Blogosphere 2014.

Here are the other nominees in the Blogger of the Year category:

Then yesterday, it was Davao Bloggers Christmas Party, where the Bloggers Awards will also be given. My costume was all set when I had a terrible headache during my paper flower workshop that afternoon. And I got paranoid when I felt a little lump behind my ears. So… I wasn’t able to attend. What a bummer! I was actually excited thinking I was nominated plus it’s my first christmas party this year.

Anyway, this morning, I the lump is still here but headache’s gone and my usual routine in the morning was to check my instagram, facebook and twitter {which I know is quite unideal but it became a habit}… when I saw Andrew’s tag that I won the Blogger of the Year!

Oh my goodness!!!! Was that true? I saw comments from friends congratulating me so it must be true then… Still couldn’t believed it until now.

You see, this blog has become a part of me: I put my time and effort on creating my photos and posts which lead me to people whom I’ve become friends with and I received emails that made my day, saying how I inspired them. So truly, this blog is not just a baby to me but it is me…

And now, having this award, is really something big for me. I feel more inspired and motivated to blog regularly; be more creative and influence more people. I now feel why actors/actresses cried when getting an award, hahaha… Alright just I’m over reacting…

But with all my heart, I’m sincerely honoured to have this award. Thank you very much Andrew, Ria, Chamee, Mommy Van, Sarah and to all the other Davao Bloggers officers and members who made this group possible and for putting your time and effort to continually gather the bloggers of Davao.

Another big Thank You to my younger sister, Sandy. Who has always been my number one supporter and reader. Who always get my nonsense rumblings in person or in my blog. Whom I always share my never ending dilemma about blog, blog domain and instagram filters. I just wish we’re together now so we can talk endlessly about this. But do know, I’m badly missing you while I’m writing this post.

Lastly, thank you friends and readers who spend time in my blog. I knew someone who would definitely be proud of this. So thank you everyone for truly taking the time.

So before it gets too emotional… let me stop there. For quite sometime now, I’ve been very disorganised. I lack inspiration and motivation. But this truly changes my mood… so for now, let’s take a rest and have a good night sleep everyone.


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    From generously hosting our workshops and other events to being active in our projects, you are an invaluable part of the Davao Bloggers family. We hope to see more of you soon.

    Get well. 😉


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