DIY: Gift Wrap with Tissue Paper and Yarn


A friend of mine bought a sketch pad and wood pen in the shop as a gift for her niece and asked me if I can wrap it for her. The pad was easy-peasy but to include the pen was a bit difficult because of the uneven shape. But then of course a crafter always finds a way.

For on the spot gift wrapping for a notebook with pen, you can always rely on your basic supplies and here’s a simple DIY.

Materials you need:

• Sketchpad/notebook and pen

• Tissue/Japanese Paper

• Crepe Paper

• Yarn

• Scissor

• Double-sided and Adhesive tape

What to do:

{1} Use the tissue paper and double-sided tape to wrap the pad. If the tissue paper is too thin, you can use two papers instead.

{2} Cut at least an inch of a whole crepe paper. Hold the tip of the pen and slowly wrap the crepe paper around the tip. Then secure it with one-sided adhesive tape.

{3} Use the yarn and tie it around the wrapped gift then place the pen with flower paper on top and tie it with the yarn as well.

Easy-peasy right? If you’re giving out 2 pens or more, you can form a bouquet instead. I suggest to use contrasting or neutral colors for the crepe, tissue and yarn.

I always enjoying wrapping gifts. I’ll show more next time. Hope you’ll enjoy this one. Happy weekend friends.


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