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The art scene in Davao is really making some noise lately, which I’m really proud of. From music, photography and to graphic design, I’m truly happy to know that locally, people are getting known for their talents.

This is because some people stood up for their passion and dedicate some time and effort to create ways and spread the talents around in different media. One way is the online magazine.

Hence the DGDC‘s first web magazine created by PaoloJopalXiao, Alben and Tsad is now live. Surprisingly, I’m part of it. But I won’t take any credits since it was only my studio and coffeeshop that had a contribution to it. However, I appreciate it so much and I’m so proud that I’m part of it.

This web magazine will introduce you to local graphic designers and their great works and inspirations. You can also read about the past events and galleries of artworks.

Paolo asked me to make an ad for Artisan which took me days before I came up with it something. Never did an ad for Artisan before so I’m not sure what to put. I’ve thought of things what I want the audience would know about my studio. Basically, I do invitations, I sell papergoods, a make DIY’s and jewelry. I can’t sum it up, but I hope the photos will.

Again, these people are still so young yet so talented. What do parents feed their children nowadays that my mom missed out? haha But kidding aside, I’m really happy Davao is so active lately with regards the art scene. I also hope the people behind all these will continue to push the advocacy.

Feel free to read the first DGDC’s web magazine, a great way to be inspired this weekend.

Photos courtesy from the web magazine


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