DIY Christmas Parcel Gift Wrapping


I bet, if you enjoy reading my blog, you probably own a washi tape at least one {dozen?} Almost all hoarders, I mean crafters {smirking} own a lot of craft materials and washi tapes are one of our favourites.

I’ve pinned few christmas gift wrapping ideas over Pinterest but I will always go back to the simple, classic and vintage style. There’s this one gift wrapping I saw that really caught my eyes and thought this is easy and inexpensive. One from Feed Your Soul and Lolalina has the same concept. A gift wrapping that looks like a vintage parcel.

Here’s my version of it…

DIY Parcel Gift Wrapping Materials:

• Bond Paper {I used scrap papers from the studio}

• Baker’s Twine {Red or Blue} ; Jute Twines

• Washi Tapes {Vintage and Stamp design and with words}

• Scissors

How to do it:

{1} This is applicable to smaller gifts. But if you have a big one, just overlap the bond papers from one another. If you’re using scrap papers, make sure the printed side is placed inside.

Wrap your gift the usual way then on the front side, decorate the gift with washi tapes making it look like it’s a parcel. Stamp washi tapes from MT are my favourite.

I made two different designs which are available in the store in a set of 3’s.
{2} Once you’re already done decorating it with washi tapes, wrap it with baker’s or jute twines.I know you’ll probably feel a heavy heart using those cute rolls. But they’ll be in good use.
Kraft or brown paper will also look great, and it’s bigger too. If you have stickers that looked like stamps that will also fit in the theme. I’ll do another round of gift wrapping once I’m done putting them all together.

Enjoy wrapping those gifts.


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