Christmas made of paper

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You’ll know it’s already christmas when you see decors all around you. Lights, trees, ornament balls, wreaths and all those that makes you feel like a child once again.

One thing I’m good at is using paper in all sorts. Last year, I tried making a paper christmas tree for Yellow Hauz and in the studio. Now I may have added few more in the family. I added more colors plus paper snowmen and snowflakes too.

Oh I’m feeling a lot more like christmas now. They may not be made of real pine tree nor with snow but these paper decors are still adorable as ever. I’ll be posting them on my shop if you want the actual one and on Etsy if you want the printed file.

Which one is your favorite? Seriously, if you ask me, I can’t decide. Next, I’ll show few decors I did for Yellow Hauz.


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