Instagram Sunday

Instagram Sunday

How I miss blogging. Past few weeks were mixed of crazy deadlines and lazy days. Here’s what happened this week in my Instagram.

{1} Made a sketch plan for Yellow Hauz‘s decor.

{2} One idea from the sketch plan was done. Paper flowers on old jars.

{3} Got an order of my Paper Christmas Tree.

{4} Mom enjoyed decorating as well, so she did this infront of Yellow Hauz.

I missed last two weeks of Instagram Sunday. It was a week full of fun, crafting, travel and stocking. Here’s how it went.

{1} My sister was trying to imitate me. We were laughing so hard.

{2} New stocks available in the shop.

{3} Gone crazy again with the shoebox organizer. Made 5 in one night.

{4} Went to Gensan last weekend and Heintje and I had a road shoot using iphone.


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