Christmas Handmade Crafts: Calendars + Printable


One great gift that never gets old is the calendar. I thought somehow it’s over-rated, however, it’s the most practical gift that lasts whole year round, that’s why it’s very popular. But adding a little twist can make a familiar gift more interesting, right?

Here’s a great gift suggestion that gives the calendar a little sprucing from the traditional kind. Clipboard Calendar from Inkspot Workshop.

Image from Inkspot Workshop

If you love DIY‘s and owls, then I’m sure you’ll definitely love this too… You can print your own 2012 Calendar from My Owl Barn. The best part is you can choose an owl artwork from their various artists for each of your months, now that’s what I call super fantastic for a DIY.

After I printed them on a 8x11in. cardstock, I used a wire hanger to display my new 2012 calendar. An Ounce of Creativity has a tutorial and printable for this.

Enjoy making your first DIY hanging calendar. Tomorrow, I have another craft for you…


10 thoughts on “Christmas Handmade Crafts: Calendars + Printable”

  1. I absolutely love your version of the “Hanging calendar”! I had pinned My Owl Barn free printable one too but didn’t think of putting both together 🙂 Thank you for linking! I appreciate it!

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