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These is what we’ve been working on with my sister-Sandy and cousin-Karen. We will be joining an early Christmas bazaar in Marco Polo Davao this weekend and we’re prepping up, or more of cramming up for the event.

Since our college days, the three of us were partners in making accessories. Now, I’m so glad that we have reunited and joined bazaars once again. Unlike before when we used colors, this time we came up with more sophisticated and simple design. Which is just plain white with silver chains and charms.

The pendants were made of white Premo polymer clay and then we assembled it with the silver chains and charms. The designs can be a monogram or happy words like: Love, Joy, Hope, etc. We also have icons like: Old Key, Eiffel Tower, Heart, Fleur de lis and Doily. Custom names are also available.

So we named our handmade jewelry “Blanchette”, which means white in French. Since all the pendants were made of white clay and most of the embellishments were white too.

By the way, this project is one of my 12 by 2012 checklist and now that’s one down from my goals… I just love how productive I am lately. Though quite tired actually, but not complaining because I’m really enjoying it.

How do you like our handmade jewelry? You can contact me at [email protected] if you want to inquire for the price and shipping.


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