Christmas Handmade Craft: DIY Hot Chocolate for Gift


What I love about handmade is you can feel how special the gift was made. No matter how simple and not so expensive, you can always see so much effort and love with it.

Well here’s a nice thought if you’re still looking for a DIY holiday gift idea… who can ever resist a hot chocolate on a cold season? Specially, when you packed it like this, I’m sure it will not only give more warmth to whomever you wanted to give this but they will definitely feel the love you put into it.

Image from Kirstin Photography

I really love how Kirstin came up with this idea. Just put your favorite hot chocolate mix, add some mallows and cookies on a jar. Then wrap it with a paper doily and yarn, and that’s one lovely gift. The note just added more love from this pretty jar, don’t you think so? Check how she did this DIY hot chocolate on a jar here.


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