Christmas Handmade Craft: DIY Christmas Tree


I thought I’d share my version of the DIY Christmas Tree I posted last time. I was lucky to have a large format printer so I was able to make the size bigger than A4.

I printed 2-designs and placed it in my studio.

And the other one in Yellow Hauz.

If you want these designs you can download them here: Green, Polka Dots. However, please note that I have to resize it to A4 to fit any desktop printers. In case you have a larger printer, let me know so I can give you a larger file instead.

How To:

• Print at least 2 sets per design, to form a 4-sided tree.

• Glue one side from the other. Cut edges for a cleaner look.

• Add some embellishments.

Have fun making them…


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