Chalk Board Tips and Tricks


I had a fun collab recently which was a mural for Burger Chef using chalk pens. Now, I wanna share some tips and tricks so it will be easier for you in case you’ll also do the same thing.

{1} Uni Chalk Pen Markers

Chalk pens are my new fave markers right now… I love the chalk effect but less the dust. And you can use this not just on black boards but also on glass, wood and metal.

Unlike the real chalk, eraser has no use for this. You just need a wet or damp cloth to erase everything.

Although, this one needs a little warm up at first. You have to shake it well before the ink goes down on the tip. And once in awhile you have to shake and cover it so the ink becomes darker.
{2} Coke

This one is from Yves {owner of Burger Chef}. He was the one who told me to use coke to clean up the board. I didn’t get it at first. I thought, I have to add a little of coke in water. But there’s no water needed. Just wet your cloth with coke.

To save you more time, you can go straight with coke rather than wiping the board off with water. That’s what I did. And I wasted almost 30-minutes of my time because of that. So, don’t make the same mistake as I did.

Here’s the effect if you’ll use water. When the board is already dry, you’ll see the white chalk marks. And no matter how you try to clean it again with wet cloth, you will still get the same effect.Here’s what it will looked like if you use coke instead. Viola! {3} Old classroom chalk

The old classroom chalk is very much effective if you’re doing shading. Since you can break it and use the sides of it instead of the tip.

This again will save you time. But you can only do this on a black board.
I used real chalk to shade the letters.If you have another trick when it comes to using chalk pens, do leave me a comment. I would love to hear them.

I also have another trick that I did long time ago in case you’ll be using chalks.


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