Wednesday Book Club: Japanese Collage Idea Book


I made a book club column in my blog because of my love for books. I’ve shared few from my collections but mostly english craft books. My love for books had evolve to all sorts of languages. One of my greatest source of craft inspirations are from japanese craft books. Where else can you find all those kawaii and zakka crafts but of course from the cute main land, Japan {which reminds me, I haven’t blog about my Japan trip yet}.

For today’s book club {sorry, I know this post is quite late again}. I’m sharing one of the japanese craft books I bought. Yup, this is just one of them. I have a lot of collections of japanese books and I’ll be sharing them too next time.

Anyway, the title {I assume, haha} is Collage Idea Book. I couldn’t find a link of this in Amazon, even in japan amazon but I did find a seller from EtsyPomadour’s Craft Cafe has a lot of craft books, and I’m truly drooling over them.

Seriously, I couldn’t make further recommendation with this book because I couldn’t understand it in the first place, haha. But japanese craft books, have great photos so no need for you to understand those words. Although, I sometimes I’ve thought of learning how to read nihonggo because I’ve become so obsess with their craft books.

Technically, this book talks about collage but an application to different mediums, not just in the usual albums and cards but also with jar, fabric bag and more.

It has templates too at the back just like most of the craft books. If you enjoy japanese photography, which is white, crisp and simply crafty looking, I’m sure you’ll love this one.


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