Vintage Planner Collection

Artisan Paperie

Since college, I’ve been obsessing with planners. There’s still something special about holding a paper and a pen… writing down all those never-ending to-dos and doodling on the pages. Last year, I only had one design on two different colors, but this time, I’ve come up with three new designs… all inspired with vintage style.

Meet… Ephemera {floral}, Airmail {envelope} and Velorbis {bycicle}.

I left all the pages blank, from months, days and dates, so you can fill them up yourselves. That’s the fun part, you can doodle, use colored pens and write anything you like… from your to-do lists, important dates and notes.

They’ll be available in my Etsy shop – Artisan Paperie soon… if you’re from the Philippines, you can email me at [email protected] if you want to inquire about it too…


5 thoughts on “Vintage Planner Collection”

  1. Hey, I like it. It’s very nice. And I wanted to buy one but I’m in Davao. Is there anyway I can buy? šŸ™‚

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