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10-years had past and it’s our high-school reunion once again. I can’t believe how time flies and it’s already been past 10-years since my high-school days.

I was happy when one of my batchmates assigned the design for me. It would be my honor to be part of the high-school reunion. I was not really active in any activities back in those days so I’m trying to make it up now.

I came up with a vintage gazette design for our poster. The photo was our famous Talisay tree. That’s where students mostly hanged-out after school. Well, there’s no where else to go to back then.  Anyway, vintage is my forte {if I may say}, and I just thought, a newspaper headline would make a perfect idea for the design, don’t you think so?

Well, I was really happy that they loved the design. I did too actually. It looks old and classic. One of my batchmates Noche said, it gives the feeling as if we’re like Don and Doñas {spanish term for rich old people}, except that we’re not old {yet-haha}. I do hope the rich applies but still not for me, but I think for some it does.

What’s great about a reunion is you can reunite with your old friends {obviously!}. And so I called up my high-school bestfriend Dimple, if we can go together. Unfortunately, our 3rd bestfriend went abroad already, so it would be just the two of us. It would have been nice to see the complete gang. But I know, it would still be fun. I just do hope, I’ll be lucky again to win some prizes….


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