Upcycled Pen Holder


I was in Siargao last April for a birthday getaway and I was able to squeeze in a Dreamcatcher workshop there with the local kids. Before the workshop day, I needed a pen holder for the Sharpie markers and I thought of making one out of Pringles. It was so timely because the dreamcatcher workshop was also about using recycled materials and the pen holder added an idea on what other things we can make with things that we’re about to throw.

I posted this on my Instagram: @iam_artisan story but I made a short video out of my story.

I just used whatever things I can find in my surroundings and in my bag. I wasn’t able to bring washi tapes so this would look better if you’ll add that or stickers.

You can also use this as a holder for utensils, tissue or brushes. Not only you were able to save the environment but you are also practicing your creativity and lesser guilt in eating junk, lol.

I hope you enjoy this DIY.


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