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Weddings have indeed evolved in so many ways to make it more personal… one way of doing so is the program fans. It’s actually one of my favourites in branding a wedding stationery. I like making designs not only in print but also functional. Program fans on the otherhand are really practical especially for outdoor ceremony and reception.

Program fans are literally a summary of your wedding program. Or we can simply just put a quote or your favourite lyrics and verse.

I’ve also done some collaboration with Fozzy. She did the design for The Pats then I printed it. Ramon and Zyra on the otherhand was designed by me but using Fozzy‘s elements.

We have two shapes so far. One in rectangular form and the other one is like a french border. I wanted to try a different shape like a shell maybe or something else. So if you feel like having a program fan in that form, I’d be happy to make one for you.

Are you having an outdoor wedding? This idea might be great for you. And you are always welcome to email me {[email protected]} should you want to ask for more ideas for your wedding.


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