Overload with uber cuteness!

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You’ve seen where we’ve been to in Taiwan… now I’d like to share what I bought.

First stop… as I mentioned before, I cannot fully described how I felt and looked when I saw Eslite Bookstore with one-floor full of craft tools. As much as I wanted to buy them all, I must always remind myself to control from getting overwhelmed and must only buy the necessary tools. Back to basics, I got some brayer and heat gun. But I really can’t resist buying some punchers too.

But when I saw Martha Stewart’s craft tools… OMG! I seriously want to get them all. Even though, I know I wouldn’t have the time to use them. But I just had to own a Martha craft tools, so I had to think of the basic necessity. A circle cutter and one doily puncher would be enough.

Second stop… Stamps! Stamps! Stamps! All from Micia. I love using them.

Last but definitely not the least… the nonessential things but I just have to buy them… hihi…

This is the first time I saw an actual MT deco and I truly fell in love with it. I’ve been seeing these lovely masking tapes from my fave blogs but I never actually saw an actual one ’til then. There are so many beautiful designs, but then again, I can’t afford to buy them all, so end up just buying 1-pair.

Being a vintage enthusiast, can you imagine how I looked when I saw these uber adorable charms of Vespa, Van and a Camera? And those cute bookmarks! You would surely want to read if you have those to clip on to your books, right?

Now, every places I go, I make sure I buy some postcards. And Taiwan just has a vast styles when it comes to that. Their postcards are not just the usual plain cards, but instead, you can make a craft out of it, just like the elephant and the 2-vintage looking designs, where you can cut and assemble them. And the wooden carved postcard was just amazingly perfect for travelers.

And of course I wouldn’t leave Taiwan without buying any paper goods, my friend. I would really cry hard if I didn’t buy even at least one stationery from there. But I didn’t buy only one, but more, hahaha.

I know most of those stuffs are seriously nonsense, they will just end up in my drawers actually. But who could resist buying those? I know I can’t… lol!


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