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Oh my, we’re almost half way of January. I’m sorry for the lack of post, I got sick right after new year and it lasted for more than a week. I had a terrible flu and caused me delays in my work. So, I started the year sickly and now I’m cramming for the deadlines, I just hope I won’t get sick again.

But on the otherhand, I was able to rest for another week. And since I’m back, still coughing and sneezing though, the year started great regardless of it. Inquiries and orders have been sprucing up in the studio that’s why it got me fueled up again.

One thing that is pending though is my new year’s resolution. I missed writing down my plans and goals for this year. But will do once I’m done cleaning up my room, which is also another pending to-do from my list. However, I’m preparing my planner for the heavy never ending lists with these kawaii stickers and other paper goods I was able to buy from Taiwan and Hongkong.

Now, those unwanted errands and stressful deadlines won’t look so bad afterall with all these cuteness that surrounds my planner. I used from my very own vintage planner collection of course, Velorbis. I wonder how you doodle or add your creativity on your planners?


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