Instagram Sunday #71

Instagram Sunday

Ayayay! I am working on a Sunday. As in literally, printing, cutting, assembling then turned saleslady every now and then when there’s a walk-in customer. I’m with my assistant and a trainee I borrowed from Yellow Hauz

It’s so weird. I haven’t done this for almost 2 years now {overtime on a Sunday and 2 assistants working like elves}. And I think, I won’t be doing still {although, I cannot fully say so, because a part of me missed the feeling}. This time, I just have a client that I cannot say no to. So, we are making 200 pcs. of mini prayer book.

Contrary from the previous weeks, I am active again on instagram again. Mostly about my recent travels and a bit of what’s keeping me busy in the shop.

{1} It’s only July 3 and I think I’m already fully booked. I have 3 more identity {logo} to design. Which is too much already because it takes a lot of energy and creativity to design one. I didn’t expect this at all. It’s a good problem though. On the other note, that’s a desk calendar from my friend, Airees.

{2} Oh books! Seriously, I have more books than clothes or shoes. These are my recent favourite. These are also available in Artisan Paperie.

{3} A friend of mine asked for help for her wedding invitation. We had a private class weeks before and now she wanted a certain style for the envelopes, so we had another session last Friday. Then Wacky, dropped by with a hand-picked flower {which I prefer most than buying from a flower shop. Yes, because I’m very stingy, hehe}.

{4} I challenged myself to bring only few art materials whenever I travel. So, I’ve come up with my travel art supplies which I also blogged. Surprisingly, it worked for me. I hope you’ll find that something helpful when you travel.

Anyway, it’s been awhile I haven’t used the word “overtime.” It’s odd though because I’m starting to like it again like I used to. I also think I got inspired from our Australia trip. They have beautiful cafes and craft stores in Sydney and Melbourne. I think that helped me a lot to reunite with my business side and at the same time pushed my creativity at some point.

I am still not done cutting. I have 100 more booklets to cut but my 2 assistants went home already. Wacky is keeping me company while we’re waiting for my Mama because she has our dinner, haha.

I’ll probably watch a movie later after dinner. How about you? How’s your Sunday? Well, whatever it is, I hope it’s making you happy and inspired to keep you going for the upcoming week. Monday is my favourite day, and I’m quite excited for tomorrow.

Have a great Sunday, guys!


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