Instagram Sunday #46

Instagram Sunday

Hello friends… it’s a cold Sunday here in Davao. I woke up late and it was raining. In the afternoon, my friend, Bang-bang’s baby turned one and it was such a cute birthday party. In the evening, I had some drinks and sound trip with Miguel because I wasn’t able to experienced Sinulog.

Another thing I wasn’t able to do was to post an instagram sunday last week. But I won’t missed it this week, so here it is…

{1} I made a post about some of the pages from sketchbook. You can read it here.

{2} A custom notepads for a client as her gifts.

{3} I’m giddy over my new color pens from Muji.

{4} Washified my passport holder so it won’t look a little formal.

If you’re fond of crafty things, coffee and other pretty stuff, feel free to follow me through instagram and twitter: @iam_artisan. Have a productive week everyone and goodnight.


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