Instagram Sunday #44

Instagram Sunday

Hi friends. How’s December treating you? Mine is totally crazy. On top of that, younger sister, Sandy, will be leaving for Canada after Christmas. So I’m juggling between catching up deadlines and handling my emotions. I think December is running so fast than the usual months.

{1} Although, my sister and I are 2 years apart, we share a common group of friends. And lately, we’re doing panic bonding before she leaves. I brought my instax mini25 {surprisingly, I have not given this a name yet} to take all the memories as much as we can.

{2} Boyfriend was out of town for the whole week and he surprised me with flowers delivered in my studio as we celebrated our 5th month together. Sweet!

{3} Got my usual dose of cappuccino that truly helped all throughout the week. And the stationery beside it is a new stock in the store.

{4} Okay, so I was bit cheesy lately. Please bear with me, I haven’t had a boyfriend for the longest time and I’m truly blessed to find the right one. And surprisingly, I’m loving the feeling of it, haha. So, since Miguel was away for a week, can’t help missing this man that lead to posting photos of us together, haha.

Tomorrow is the start of simbang gabi {9 mornings}. Every year we try to complete the whole 9 mornings, but there were times that we really couldn’t. But this year, I’m seriously aiming to complete it. Not only because I want to make a wish and wake up early morning to offer this but also a gesture of thanksgiving for my whole year. Are you also following this christmas tradition? Hope December is treating you kind. Goodnight everyone.


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