Instagram Sunday #39

Instagram Sunday

Nothing much happened to me this week. I haven’t been working with my personal projects… just meeting deadlines. And yes, sooner or later I’ll be on a panic mode already.

This month we’re celebrating two birthdays in the family. First, my papa then my ever dear kambal little sister, Sandy.

{1} I’m pampered with flowers lately. And surprisingly, he’s not the “flower kind of guy.”

{2} Last Monday, we went to the cemetery to celebrate papa’s birthday. Mom was busy playing candy crush, while Sandy and I busy taking selfie, lol.

{3} Today, were celebrating Sandy’s birthday weekend here at Leticia by the Sea. An hour boat ride from the city and you’ll get to have a very cozy island.

{4} Brought my origami papers with me and I’m making boxes. There’s a purpose for it actually. I need a box to put my gift for Sandy, lol.

Tomorrow, I’d probably spend my morning at the beach with my book and music. Totally perfect to prepare myself so I can finish all those personal projects. Wishful thinking!


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