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I’ve been holding my breath to share this with you and boy I’m so glad I can finally say it… For the first time, I am part of a design team. Yes, you heard that right and I can’t hardly imagine I made it.

You see, I can say, graphic design is my strength, but scrapbooking literally is definitely my downside. I am not very good with mixing different embellishments physically. But I just tried submitting a tutorial for a Mother’s day card as my entry for Rochelle’s {my craft disneyland buddy} website called Let’s Make Greeting Cards.

Read the tutorial to see how I made this

I never thought it was so fun. It was something new and quite exciting actually. Gladly, she loved what I did and I really feel so honored to be part of her team. We are all 8 card designers {wow, I can’t believe I just called myself a card designer, hihi} and we will be submitting tutorials on how to make various cards for different occasions for the next three months. On top of that, Rochelle, will be giving us free kits to work on with. Now that’s more making me more anxious. So I’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, get to know more  the other 7 designers by checking their work and blogs.


3 thoughts on “I’m part of a Design Team”

  1. Hi April! Congratulations for being part of the design team. I’m glad to be working with you and everyone on the team.

    Your blog is so nice and your Artisan shop too! It really is so nice if one can make a biz out of one’s hobby. I would also like to do that if granted the chance.

    How does one go about graphic design. Do you need to be artistically inclined in art e.g. creating drawings etc . . . . to be able to indulge in graphic design.? I would also like to try it.

    Here’s looking forward to a fruitful and enjoyable 3 month term with everyone at LMGC,


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