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Yesterday, I was featured in our local newspaper Edge Davao {wow, seriously on a roll this week, lol}. I can’t hardly explain how happy and giggly I was when I saw my photos on a colored full-page. All thanks to Meg Sta. Ines for the beautiful write-up.

You can read more of the article here.

Truthfully, I’ve been dreaming to see my darn face or even just the photos of my designs on a newspaper or magazine. So, way back before, I asked my sister Sandy to took a picture of me {which you see above} where I imagined it to be my profile picture in case this incident would come, hahaha. Who would have thought… that photo was now in a local newspaper.

Heintje bought 5 copies for me {he’s just so supportive, haha}. One was for him of course, the other two was displayed in Yellow Hauz, then one was for mama and the last one was for my own copy, then I showed it to papa in memorial park.

So I am seriously thinking of getting a new and better photo, who knows where it would be next, right? Just wishful thinking… haha…


9 thoughts on “I was featured in Edge Davao Newspaper”

  1. Beautiful article. Beautiful photos. And you’re so pretty too! Glad to see Edge Davao “level-up” with the articles that they post. I wrote and article for them once, more than a year ago… and though the topic was a bit boring and was more-news-than-feature, it was my first time so I’m still very happy about it.

    Congratulations! On getting your full-page feature & the success of your businesses. 🙂

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