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I’m an Instagram lover… as you can see I made a column every sunday. Let’s face it, it’s easier, more filters… but seriously, nothing beats the hard way. Despite everyone’s upgrading to a higher resolution digicam, I tend to go back to the old days… films!

These are my shots from my Diana mini. I took them from our last Boracay trip earlier this year. I just used a normal 24-shots; 100-ISO Kodak film. No fancy pancy films, because they’re expensive, hehe. But I would want to.

My friend, whom I shall disguise as chuable lol, was so sweet and thoughtful knowing how I love photography, she gave me a new toy… an underwater film camera, just in time before Boracay. So I went for a dip to try it out. But I didn’t include the underwater photos anymore because I look so fat under the water, hahaha. Nonetheless, this is how the photos looked like when not in water.

But this one is my favorite shot of all time. The film run out but it managed to connect from my last shot. This was taken from Diana mini.

I’ll be going back to Boracay this weekend with friends and I’m excited to try out my cameras again. I don’t have to bring Oris anymore, my Nikon D40 because my new manual toys can totally do the trick. You can also check my previous lomo shots here.


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