Excited for a Convention

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Totally excited this coming weekend… you see, last year, I found out by chance about this multi-media convention, it’s called Graphika Manila. They have speakers all over the world and even local artists like Arnold Arre and wife Cynthia Arre, Underground Logic and Rocketsheep Post, sharing their ideas, and how they come about with their art and their inspirations. I didn’t know about these people/company before but when I heard about their work, I was really amazed and proud for Filipino artists. And I can’t wait for it again this weekend…

One thing I love about it aside from learning and meeting interesting people… is the goodie bag, haha. And I just love everything in a tote bag. It has a book about all the speakers, pencil, magazines, and other paper goodies. I wonder what it’s gonna be this time.

If you’re following me and you’re also going there, I would love for you to say hi.. Hope to get nice photos and blog about it next week…


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