DIY: Round Garlands


Few weeks ago, my sister celebrated her birthday and I decorated Yellow Hauz with garlands. After the party, I’ve thought of recycling it in my studio and hanged it just above our perpetual calendar. This is how I did this simple DIY round garlands.

Materials you’ll need:

• Scrap or new cardstocks

• Glue stick

• Twine or Yarn

• Round cutter

• Round punches

• Scissors and Cutting mat

How to do it:

{1}  Place your round cutter in a cardstock. I’m using a japanese brand cutter where you can adjust it to different sizes. Try to cut on the edges first to save some space.

{2} I had some few errors, but you can still use the spaces with small circles.

{3} Always make sure to cut a pair of rounds, because you’ll be using them back to back. Also use round or scallop punches for variations.

{4} If you’re done cutting the circles, placed them on a twine. Try placing them evenly before gluing it together.

{5} Alternate the rounds and scallop shapes and from small to big ones.

Once used in a party, now its hanging pretty in my studio. Practical indeed! Don’t you just love simple DIY‘s? You can also use different shapes with it. The point is, just have fun!


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