DIY: Happy Birthday Bunting


Hearing a lot of birthdays recently so I’ve thought of sharing a DIY Happy Birthday Bunting. All you have to do is print, cut and display. Easiest way to spice your party.


• Desktop Printer

• White cardstock or specialty paper

• Scissors

• Eyelet puncher and eyelets

• Yarn or twine

What to do:

{1} Simply save and print the patterned letters on a 11x13in white cardstock. You can download the letters here.

{2} Once you’re done with the printing, simply follow the shape of the letters for cutting.

{3} Punch a hole on the upper middle side of the letters and put an eyelet on it.

{4} Now line up the word “happy” then “birthday” and measure the yarn that fits all the word. I made the words one bunting each. Make sure to add extra yarn on both ends for tying. Then cut a yarn roughly around 2-inch per eyelet and tie each letter on the longer yarn.

You’re all set to hang them. I also made one for Yellow Hauz.

Maybe you’ll also find ideas from some of my DIY‘s. Enjoy your party.


3 thoughts on “DIY: Happy Birthday Bunting”

  1. Galing galing naman talaga ni twinsy! If I will be doing it, I’ll probably do it the hard way! (masochist ako e, haha!) Thanks for sharing this. I learned something new (and easier!). Miss u…..

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