Cupcake love

Yellow Hauz

I’ve been sharing a lot about my paperie and design work and somehow neglected our coffeeshop. So here’s a little update about our new dessert.

We are now offering cupcakes! Baked by my sister, Sandy of Miss Vanilla, she’s the one who provides our pastries. The flavors are Choco Chanel -chocolate; Miss Vanilla – vanilla buttercream; Anna Banana – banana buttercream with peanut butter frosting; and Ruby Woo {inspired from a Mac lipstick shade} – red velvet with cream cheese frosting. Ooooh just writing about it makes me want to eat them all.

By the way, can you see the cupcake toppers? All of our pastries have those cute toppers, of course designed by yours truly, haha. I may not know how to bake but at least I have a little contribution in our pastries, apart from eating it haha.


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