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Can it get any more hotter in the Philippines? When I was in Canada few weeks ago, I cannot believe I blurted out that I miss the tropical weather in the Philippines. And that’s because I was really cold and covered with few layers of clothes. Now, I’m not saying I miss the cold weather but just a little of that will make it so much better.

On the brighter side… summer is here. Yaaaay! I can already feel the wind blowing my hair and the sun kissing my skin. I’m imagining now that I’m lying on the sand, buko juice and my summer playlist on the side. Ahhh… my favourite time of the year.

You know what will make this even better? Crafting!

Yes! Crafting at the beach.

You see, last year, I had a meeting with Anna of FTU, and we were planning to do a collab for a bag. Anna, if I may say, is such a awesome bag maker. If I take paper seriously, she does it with bags. She customises totes, pouches and other more with canvas and other cloth. The collab was about her bag with my drawings on it. Months after that meeting, she showed me a sample of the bag, oh goodness, it was really beautiful. I love how she designed it. My drawing looked so legit, haha.

But the collab didn’t push because aside from all my travels and other activities last year, I was out of my rhythm then. I couldn’t find the right design and overall, I just couldn’t find an inspiration at all.

Anyway, this year, we had that meeting again. We’re pushing the collab this time and we have another plan. A craft workshop in their resort in Samal, Coral Reef ResortBeach and crafting? Yes, please!

Since we’re doing the first workshop at the beach, it’s quite new and big for me so I’ve thought of bringing another creative mind in the team. Paolo of Secret Garden was the perfect person to bring in. He’s done a lot of events and he had worked with Anna before. I used to say to him that he is my guy version or I’m his guy version. It’s because we both share the love for paper and we take packaging seriously.

Now that the team is complete, we thought of making a name for all the workshops we’re planning to do. We call it Craft Lokal. Since we’re all locally from Davao and we have different crafts of our own that we want to share. Basically, we want to promote local craftsmanship not only through workshops but we’re also thinking of craft fairs.

To start off, we’re going to have an Eraser Stamp Carving Workshop. Here’s the basic information about it.

For a time, I find this really fun. It’s so simple and addicting. Here are few of the stamps I carved before. I use them for my packaging and gift wrapping.

When you join, we will carve on eraser stamps and stamp it on the pouches made by Anna and postcards from me and Paolo, which you’ll get to bring home together with the tools.

Register here to reserve your slot. We will send you an email of the details after. Since it will be at the beach and our first time to do this, the slots are limited. We need to prepare the boat ride, materials and food ahead of time.

If you have more questions, I’d be happy to answer them through email: [email protected] or mobili: 0917 480 1555. You can also like our Facebook Page, Craft Lokal to see more updates or other upcoming workshops.


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