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I just came back yesterday from my best Manila trip ever and still dreaming about it actually. I need to make different posts for my trip because I don’t want to overwhelm you with so much photos.

So, the craft soiree was a success but before that day came, I had a great time spending it with Rochelle. It was our first time to meet but it felt like we’ve known each other for a very long time. We just had dinner but the next day, we had an unexpected trip… to craft disneyland. And it’s literally a disneyland for a crafter… The shop is called Lasting Impressions, it’s a hidden shop somewhere in V. Cruz, San Juan. My eyes were drooling, my heart was pumping hard and my wallet was so scared, lol. Now tell me if your heart won’t beat faster after all these photos…

My mouth dropped when I first got in...
Can you see Martha Stewart's punchers?
I'm not a paper fan, but these surely changed my mind
Look who's shopping for papers? That's Rochelle, my craft buddy from now on...
Embellishments with boxes so you can't resist to buy, grrr
You can never have too many embellishments
Overwhelmed with the vintage embellishments
So many tools so little money
Even washi tapes have a printer
The text on the tape is what the printer can do, amazing right?

Washi tapes
More washi tapes
Baker's twine
Bigger washi tapes
Cutie Patootie stickers
Rub-on stickers
Stickers for your scrapbook pages
I'm really drooling now
If only I can buy all of them

Border Stamps on kraft paper packaging
Seriously blaming stamp company for such cute packaging
Tim Holtz die-cut templates... thinking as my next project
More templates
I wouldn't mind going back to school if we have this
This cute little charms will be in LeBlanchette soon
And the wall of art
Scrapbooking is not my forte but I wanna learn how to do this
Where all the magic happens
This I have to learn... shadow box
My craft buddy

Can you still breath? My heart is still pounding by just looking at my photos. We spent almost 4hours there and made five thousand pesos additional amount to my credit card bill, and I already removed a lot of things from my cart with this amount.

I told you so, it’s a crafter’s disneyland. I felt like a kid when I got there and also felt like a mom who’s so worried how much my kid in me will spend, haha. But nonetheless it was really really a great experience. Thank you so much Rochelle, for taking me here and spending another day with me. Next time, let’s go to another disneyland again, hahaha.


17 thoughts on “Craft Disneyland”

  1. Hi April! Just discovered this place last March also. “My wallet was so scared” – the perfect line! I think this is the biggest splurge I did for myself! Hahaha. 😀 What did you get?

  2. Hi April!

    I found out about your designs from Lorra. great paper products! 🙂 great blog too! 🙂 I heard about this place but never got the address. WHERE in Manila is this? please let me know. 🙂 thank you! 🙂

  3. wow! this must be how heaven looks like for crafters like us 🙂 and my heart skipped a beat upon seeing your photo of the martha stewart punchers. been meaning to purchase online for a scrapbook project and all the while, there’s a store in the philippines selling that. weeeee! savings on shipping hehe 😀 thanks much for sharing april!

  4. Hi, April!! I’ve been soooo busy {and you know why} that I only got to read this now! Wow, you took A LOT of photos! hehe You’re very welcome and I truly did enjoy that afternoon! Especially since I was supposed to be working at the office at that time. Good thing my boss never asked what “personal errand” I needed to attend to. haha I had fun with you too! 🙂 Yes, when you come back I’ll take you to another Disneyland!

  5. WWaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh…….I wanna go there and stay there forever!!! I need money…lots and lots of money to spend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank goodness, craft is coming to the Philippines (the craft forsaken place)!!!!! I wish it’s not over the top expensive!

    1. yes apparently, its in Manila, so it’s still far from me =( but its a good to know though that we have it even its 2hour plane ride from my city.

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