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Few weeks ago, Jaden my 3gs iphone crashed for no reason at all… I was just updating the software and boom! Had software problems since then… and now it’s totally busted. So I was a feeling low thinking I can’t use my other Cath Kidston iphone case, and I won’t be using an outdated vintage iphone anymore, but oh well that’s life as it is. Thankful it was just a gadget and not health or other more important matters.

Image via Sweet Tidings

On the brighter side, super glad I found a Cath Kidston desktop wallpaper for free via Sweet Tidings. And even though I can’t use my iphone casing, at least I can use those pretty patterns on my desktop. Head over there and choose your fave pattern.


2 thoughts on “Resource: Cath Kidston Desktop Wallpaper”

  1. Thanks for sharing the link! I love Cath Kidston, too! And oh yes, we have the same iPhone case as well but mine chipped off 🙁 at least not the phone or else, waaahhhh!!! 🙁
    Nahingi na ng kapalit yan – 4S 😉

  2. Thanks for sharing! I now have a separate folder for “Wallpapers” so I know where to get some inspiration during those blah-days I get for staring too long and too much at the computer. 🙂

    I’m one of Yellow Hauz’ newest fans. Love the Wintermelon Milk Tea! 🙂

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