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I’m happy to know that most of the couples here in the Philippines, already sends out save the date first before the formal invitation.

Postcard is one idea for a save the date. You can use your pre-nuptial photos so can share it to your guests.

I have made few designs of postcards with different sizes. This one, has a size of 7×9-inch, curve edges and black and white back, and with different photos.

This is a bit smaller. It’s 4×6-inch, square edges, also in black and white back but we used one photo only.

This for sure will be kept by your guests, specially if you add a little note with your own handwriting. Don’t you think that’s sweet and intimate?


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  1. I so love your website, Ms April! It’s just sayang that there’s no Like button on your posts! 🙂 Really admire your work and your creativity!

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