2011 Holiday Guide by Discover Paper


I was so eager of the release of 2011 Holiday Guide made by Donaville of Discover Paper {one of the fave blog about paper inspiration}. And here it is and I would love to share it with you, not only because my planner photo was a part of it {yes, yes, yes! I’m part of it, and I’m so happy about it!}, but because it’s totally the perfect guide for this season. It’s full of beautiful gift suggestions and links of paper goods, from calendars, journals, notepads and cards, not just for ladies but even for men and kids too.

You’ve probably seen this around because it totally became popular on its first day. You can see the hard work that was put into it and the items and photos were just so lovely. I’m trying to control myself from shopping a lot.

I’m really really happy to be part of Donaville’s 2011 Holiday Guide. It was such a pleasure! It was actually the first time I had the courage to send my photos. I was a bit nervous then, wondering if she’ll like them or not but now I just feel so proud, hihi. Go check the holiday craft on the latter part, I’m sure you’ll enjoy making it. Always check her blog for your everyday inspiration.


2 thoughts on “2011 Holiday Guide by Discover Paper”

    1. Your most welcome Donaville… I keep on reading and checking on the items from your holiday guide. Trying to keep my budget close hahaha… you did a very great job… keep it up sweetie!

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