2014 Printable Calendar


I love searching for printable calendars online. It gives me different choices, not to mention it’s free and handmade plus I get to see more lovely blogs out there. Internet can be overwhelming. You’ll find so many beautiful printables calendars out there.

Let’s start off with the ones you can write your special occasions and activities on it. Here’s a calendar from Elli.

Then from Zugalerie with its cute illustrations.

For the whole year printable calendars you can have it with pretty patterns from Oh So Lovely.

How about in a sweet way from Eat Drink Chic.

Or maybe whimsical from The Ink Nest.

Or handmadpaited one from Smam.

I don’t know how are you going to choose from these beautiful printable calendars but if you ask me, I’d probably print them all and place them in every corner I can possibly find, haha. Enjoy printing and cutting your new handmade calendars.


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